About Membership


Submit the filled application in prescribed format (attached with, available in….. )

There are 3 Types of Membership one can opt;
1. Great Patron – Rs. 10,000/-
2. Patron – Rs. 5000/-
3. Life Membership – Rs. 2000/-

Membership Fees can be paid through NEFT/CHEQUE/CASH 

Authenticated Receipts will be issued against every payment

Members will be provided with unique Membership Identity Card of Yakshaganakalaranga bearing Member Number.

Members will be added to Whatsapp Group of Yakshaganakalaranga, through which the Programme details and Invitations are shared.

We offer FREE PASS of TWO Yakshaganas, which will be scheduled during the month of June and July. (We provide 3 FREE PASSES to Great Patrons, 2 to Patrons and 1 to Life Members)

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